Nurol Makina, an advanced global armoured vehicle manufacturer, showcases at the Milipol Qatar exhibition the Ejder TOMA 4×4 riot control vehicle, which was previously procured by several countries in the world.

This will be the first time Nurol Makina participates in Milipol Qatar Exhibition. During the three-day-long event at Doha, visitors and prospective clients will be welcomed for information about Nurol Makina’s range of 4×4 tactical armoured vehicles with superior mobility and mine/IED protection.

Nurol Makina, who designed and produced the first riot control vehicle in 2006, also designed the Ejder TOMA vehicle with higher protection and mobility capabilities compared to other available anti-riot vehicles taking higher end-user requirements into account. With its high off-road performance and high ballistic protection, Ejder TOMA has already been chosen by a variety of local and international users including Africa, the Middle East and South America.

With its military chassis, Ejder TOMA is an indigenous Nurol Makina design. The vehicle is highly effective in rural and urban areas. It is not only used by security but also military forces. Ejder TOMA is a combat-proven vehicle and it is essentially used in areas where conflict is intense.

Nurol Makina and Barzan Holding have been collaborating on the armoured vehicle procurement of the Qatar Army. The ambulance version of our Ejder Yalçın vehicle will be exhibited in Barzan Holding’s booth. Nurol Makina’s vehicles are leaders in their own class and have become the preferred solutions of many countries globally.

Nurol Makina officials are welcoming visitors at Milipol Qatar wishing to see the best-in-class riot control vehicle at the indoor stand Number G – 022.

Ejder TOMA Technical Features


Specification Data

  • Crew capacity: one driver, one operator
  • Top speed: 110km/h
  • Range: 700km
  • Gradient: 30%
  • Side slope: 20%
  • Ground clearance: min 340mm
  • Power: min 296 HP


  • Tear Gas nozzles
  • Fire extinguisher systems
  • Wire mesh glass protection
  • Protection for critical mission systems


  • Special design, made of a galvanised steel water tank
  • Demountable water container

High-effective water spraying system with three modes, short pulse, long pulse, continuous and water with gas, foam and dye combinations.