Barrett Communications is pleased to announce the release of its new range of Automatic HF Antenna Tuners (ATUs). The 4045 Automatic HF Antenna Tuner, the 4049 Automatic Tuning Mobile HF Antenna and the 411 Automatic HF Antenna Tuner have been specifically designed to interface with Barrett 4000 series transceivers.Available in both black and NATO green, the 4045 ATUs are housed in a compact, rugged Nylon-66 glass-filled casing with a powder-coated stainless-steel base. Suitable for land-mobile, marine and base station installations, this versatile ATU can be optioned with anti-vibration mounting to ensure its suitability for even the toughest of terrain. Equipped with a built-in GPS, the 4045 is suitable for ALE 2G and 3G operations, simplifying the installation of tracking networks. Like all Barrett ATUs, the 4045 typically tunes a frequency in less than 1.5 seconds and tunes from memory – when paired with a Barrett 4000 series transceiver – in less than 100ms.The 4049 Automatic Tuning Mobile HF Antenna has been designed from the same rugged material as the 4045 but to attach perfectly to a vehicle. The antenna comes standard with a two-section fibreglass whip or can be paired with the Barrett NVIS Whip antenna which can greatly improve communications in hilly or mountainous terrain. The Integrated Anti-vibration mounting system and integrated GPS come as standard for this model.With an aluminium base rather than stainless steel, the 411 ATU enters the market at a lower price point. Although it does not have the in-built GPS capability of the 4045, the 411 is perfect for the professional, amateur or hobbyist markets, lending itself to bespoke installations with OEM transceivers.All Barrett ATUs provide continuous coverage over 1.5 to 30MHz, subject to wire or whip antenna length, and full 150 W PEP (digital, voice and data) performance.