Jammers4u is launching a new high-power 70W 8 Bands Portable Handheld Jammer for Cell Mobile Phones 3G 4G 5G WIFI GPS with coverage up to 60m, Heracles CT-1080H-5G specially developed with portability and power in mind. Jammers4u focuses on market needs, security trends and responds by developing jammers to meet increasing requirements of the security market

Our new product Heracles CT-1080H-5G with 8-10W per band, we have developed a new light, handheld device with the same power as much bigger units.

Considering that the previous handheld portable devices with 8 antennas in one unit had a maximum power of 1W per Band, or a total of 8W, it can be said that the new device with 8-10W per band and a total power of 70W is an extremely big improvement in a series of light handheld portable jammer devices, especially since the market demand for increasing power because of increasingly strong mobile phone networks and the increasingly present 5G network

The device is designed to be used easily by anyone who can turn the switch on and off when needed, and no special training is required. The effective blocking range is up to 60 metres. The jamming distance always varies, depending on the signal strength and location. It is a fully autonomous device with antennas and a battery capable of providing 45 minutes of operating time.