To quick response to the threats imposed by drones / unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), our team have officially launched its new portable anti-drone/UAV system, namely ND-BD003 Handheld Anti-Drone System in 2020.

This handheld anti-drone system integrates detection, jamming, display and control ALL IN ONE, which is a transcendental improvement to traditional anti-drone jammers. Traditional anti-drone jammers have to either reply on human visual search, or be used cooperatively with external detection devices. By highly integrating anti-drone jammer with detector, this system will conduct radio detection automatically, which dramatically reduces workload and improves accuracy. Further, skipping additional connection, commissioning and initialization process, this system is able to work immediately after startup, which significantly increases the response speed.

This handheld anti-drone system is able to interfere both communication and navigation (GPS) signals of invading drones, and also reserves User-Defined jamming frequency bands for customer’s selection. Besides, equipped with APP Control Platform, this system could be connected with Android mobile phone for convenient operation and real-time video recording and playback functions.

By virtue of its powerful functions, portable design and simple operation, this handheld anti-drone system has played a critical role during low-altitude protection missions and routine patrols for critical areas and events.

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