• EXPAL has further developed its mortar systems capabilities including the new Dual-EIMOS 81mm solution with unique survivability characteristics and greater versatility for both maritime landing operations and standard ground environments.
  • The company’s high-value solutions for ammunition, including the ER02A1 155mm Extended-Range field artillery and naval proximity fuse solutions enhancing on-board anti-air warfare capabilities.

EXPAL Systems, global defence and security company, showcases at the International Defence exhibition IDEX 2021 (Abu Dhabi, 21-25 February) its latest developments and technologies to enhance operational capabilities of Air, Land and Sea armed forces, serving as a trusted ally in more than 60 countries.

One of the key user-tailored solution developed by EXPAL in the last year is its new state-of-the-art mortar system. Named Dual-EIMOS, this 81mm on-board mortar on a 4×4 light tactical vehicle can operate in marinized environments with deep fording capability up to 1.5m without preparation, among other advanced capabilities. The Dual-EIMOS can be used in association with TECHFIRE, the EXPAL Fire Support Information System. Its automatic fire control, interoperability through the integration with C2system and 360° shoot & scoot capabilities pursue to increase the survivability of the troops in all types of military operations.

As part of its leadership in mortar systems and integration capabilities, EXPAL has recently started the development of a guidance kit for 120mm mortars that could ultimately be scalable to 155mm artillery shells.

Along with its proposal for the infantry units, EXPAL also highlights at IDEX its complete Extended Range 155mm field artillery family up to 40km, following the most demanding Nato standards. For the Naval Forces, EXPAL highlights its 76mm and 5in/ 127mm munitions with a proximity fuse, enhancing onboard anti-air warfare (AAW) capabilities, specifically against sea-skimming missiles.

EXPAL ensures the integration and high-quality solutions thanks to its know-how, design and in-house production of munitions strategic components such as projectiles, fuzes and energetic materials.

The EXPAL team welcomes visitors at booth 06-B21 at IDEX 2021.