In the backdrop of a shifting geopolitical landscape and the emergence of unconventional challenges like proxy wars and grey zone warfare, the Indian Army has its sights set on rapid modernisation and self-sufficiency. General Manoj Pande, Army Chief, indicated 2024 to be the year in which the technology will become the catalyst for rapid transformation’. He emphasised: “This theme underscores our commitment to leverage technology as a catalyst for transformative change, as well as to utilise in-house expertise to innovate solutions to our operational and logistic requirements and give shape to these projects in collaboration with the domestic defence industry.”

General Pande’s statement clearly highlights that technology will play a pivotal role in enhancing the nation’s defence capabilities in the immediate and near future. Companies like MKU – a leading defence technology company in India, stand at the forefront to propel such themes for the nation’s heroes.  They have over four decades of experience in indigenous designing, developing and delivering the latest and most modern technologies for soldier and platform systems ranging from armouring solutions to night vision and thermal optronic technologies.

Over the past 40 years, MKU has grown to be an important contributor and supporter to 80% of India’s armed forces. They have consistently stood firm by providing the latest and advanced solutions for the most challenging requirements of the Indian Army, be it the emergency supply of over 10,000 mountaineering boots during the Kargil war or becoming the largest supplier of fibreglass helmets to the Indian Army in 1992 or delivering the largest contract for 158,000 advanced ballistic helmets in 2017. Their sentiments are aptly captured in their war cry, “Sashakt Sainik Shaksham Bharat.”

MKU’s Made-In-India Armouring and Optronic solutions are a testament to the technological advancement of the army in light of General Pande’s statement. With MKU poised to introduce a myriad of innovative and customer-centric product lines and solutions, the upcoming year is expected to be a ground-breaking one for the industry.


MKU Ltd. is a global defence and homeland security company on a mission to empower heroes. They are one of the leading solution providers for advanced optronics and ballistic protection solutions for soldiers and platforms for military, paramilitary, homeland security, police and special forces. With a customer base in over 100 countries, MKU strives to empower heroes who stand in the line of duty through their smart solutions that deliver confidence. Their operations are based in India and Germany. They have protected over three million soldiers and 3000+ platforms across 230 forces to date. Their Kavro protection solutions offer enhanced protection for soldiers and platforms, using smart technologies, design and features. These include combat helmets, body armour, ballistic shields as well as ballistic solutions for naval, air and land platforms and vehicles. Their Netro night vision and thermal devices provide excellent detection, identification & recognition capability to soldiers at night to enhance their night fighting capabilities.