In the high-stakes world of defence, thoughtful innovation can make all the difference. A decade ago, MKU Limited revolutionized the industry with the ‘Instavest’ launch, showcasing their patented ‘quick release’ technology, a game-changing innovation that transformed the safety of soldiers worldwide.

Fast forward to 2023, when the company is about to set the industry abuzz once again, promising a product that is poised to reignite the same level of excitement seen with the Instavest. This announcement marks a significant moment for the defence sector, hinting at a new era of uncompromised protection. A source from within the company revealed, “This is something the world has eagerly been waiting for. Earlier, the technologies and materials required to create such a solution simply did not exist. We have invested over 5 years of relentless R&D efforts to perfect it, and honestly, we don’t think any soldier would want to be without it once they know about it!”

The highly anticipated innovation is set to be launched globally at Milipol Paris on the 15th of November 2023, at MKU’s booth H025, Hall 5, precisely at 10:30 AM UTC. Mr. Neeraj Gupta, Managing Director of MKU, expressed, “At MKU, pushing boundaries is in our DNA. We listen to our heroes and embrace challenges head-on for them. Why? It’s simple. Just as they dedicate their lives to protect us, we have dedicated ourselves to empowering them.”

The anticipation for Milipol Paris 2023 is palpable, and MKU is at the heart of this excitement. While specific details about this innovation remain undisclosed, team MKU has invited significant stalwarts from the industry, including soldiers, police, professionals, academia, and enthusiasts, to witness this historic launch at Milipol Paris 2023 on the 15th of November 2023, preceding an exclusive preview on the evening of 14th November 2023 for their closed partner network.


MKU Ltd. is a global defence and homeland security company on a mission to empower heroes. They are one of the leading solution providers for advanced optronic and ballistic protection solutions for soldiers and platforms for military, paramilitary, homeland security, police and special forces.

With a customer base in over 100 countries, MKU strives to empower heroes, who stand in the line of duty, through their smart solutions that deliver confidence. Their operations are based in India, Germany and UAE. They have provided protection to over 3 million soldiers and 3000+ platforms, across 230 forces, till date. Their Kavro protection solutions offer enhanced ballistic protection, modularity and combability for missions, using smart technologies, design and functionality.

These include combat helmets, body armor, ballistic shields as well as ballistic solutions for naval, air and land platforms and vehicles. Their Netro range of smart optronic devices provide excellent aiming, airborne, surveillance and situational awareness capabilities for handheld, weapon-mounted or head-mounted usage.