FUCARE has launched its new generation blast dampers, FC-BRV-21 High-performance Blast Dampers, which are designed for those applications where high air- flow-rate and perfect blast protection are required.

It achieves unprecedent fast closing, approximate 50% less closing time against market alternatives, aiming the best protection by minimizing Rotational-Inertia blades through Shaft-linkage-free design. It could stand blast overpressure reflected up to 5 bar and could maintain high-performance protection after multiple blast impacts.

The product has been certified by 3rd party test at Eurofins, Finland for its blast protection and aerodynamic performance. It is also ATEX certified by TUV Rheinland.

Thanks to its modular design, a damper now could be as large as a whole wall to achieve high-air-volume at low-pressure-drop for energy saving.

FUCARE will continue to develop blast protection solutions in order to bring enhanced safety to clients.

FUCARE is one of the world’s leading suppliers on safety solutions with focus on high-performance shelter protection products.

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