SWaP cables and connectors are designed to offer small size, low weight and power to meet the exciting and dynamic growth of ruggedized miniature electronics. Omnetics has many years of experience with combining power sources and great signal integrity with modifications from our Nano connector line.

We have now expanded and standardized many of our hybrid combo Nano-D connectors for the design engineer. This approach allows system designers to significantly offer dense circuit packaging and reduce the number of cables going to and from individual systems that also need power.

Unlike a traditional Nano-D connector, these ruggedized high-density hybrid connectors come in a variety of configurations that include the traditional 1Amp Nano contact along with 3Amp Micro contacts to meet the application’s power requirements. An additional advantage of using these combo power and signal connector and cable systems is low profile packaging.

This superior design still features a one-piece machined Nano-D shell and 200°C continuous operating temperature. We have simply modified our high-reliability components from the standard Micro-D and Nano-D military specification products. The pin and socket system uses QPL quality spring pins made from BeCu that perform through high shock and constant vibration.