Tekne has started the new year with an important victory: the award of the tender for the supply of 16 transport buses held from the Italian Ministry of Justice.

The project submitted for the tender is built around the new Horton family of buses, named after the city that hosts the company’s headquarters. It is specifically customised for the transport of prisoners and includes five prison cells and another eight seats for police staff and the driver. The vehicle will be classified for special prisoner transport use in accordance with current legislation.

Horton-P, the bus model that has convinced the commission, provides darkened external glass surfaces, shatterproof sides of the body and other technical measures to ensure the safety of the vehicle.

Internally, in the prisoner’s area, every precaution is implemented to provide adequate resistance to burglary by the detainee. The vehicle is equipped with a 6.7-l Iveco Tector engine, 250 hp at 2,500rpm, combined with a ZF semi-automatic gearbox.

A great result for Tekne, which has gained numerous new contracts and is currently facing the challenge of launching new products such as Graelion, a multi-functional heavy-duty 4×4 commercial vehicle, and Aternus, the electric micro-bus ready to revolutionise the tourism of small villages.