An armoured vehicle is a military vehicle that is protected against bullets, shell fragments, and other projectiles with full or partial armor plating. Historically, armoured vehicles were used for reconnaissance, internal security, armed escorting and other subordinate battlefield tasks.

Invention of the Armoured Vehicles

The concept of an armoured vehicle predates the invention of the internal combustion engine. First armoured vehicle designed by Leonardo da Vinci in 1487, and commissioned by Duke Ludovico of Milan. Inspired by the shell of a turtle, this war vehicle was to be made from wood covered with metal, with a slanted top to deflect enemy fire. On the sketch, there were cannons positioned around the perimeter of the tank to fire at the enemy from all angles. But the gears of the vehicle were arranged in unusual order. Despite it being considered Da Vinci’s form of security, this made it impossible to make the vehicle real.

Transformation of the Armoured Vehicles

First military armoured vehicles were designed by F.R Simms in the early 20th century. They were constructed by adding armor and real weapons to existing vehicles. Austro-Daimler built the first operation four wheeled armoured car in 1904. However, the first successful use of an armoured vehicle in combat was achieved by the Belgian Army in 1904. So that Minerva Armoured Cars were created by adding Cockerill armor plating and a Hotchkiss machine gun to Minerva touring cars.

The development of armored vehicles has progressed extensively in the last century. Despite the first sketch by Leonardo Da Vinci, all the wheels on the next armored car turned properly. Armoured personnel carriers, commonly called APCs, had become an important part of military operations by the time Rolls-Royce Ghosts were armored in World War I. After that, the armoring began.

The Best Wheeled Armoured Personnel Carriers

Armoured vehicles were designed to intimidate an enemy, rather than to be used as a serious military weapon. Armoured Personnel Carriers provide infantry with enhanced protection, making it possible to deploy in high-threat areas. Most armored cars are customized,

such as the Patria AMV, Boxer and Piranha V. The purpose of armored personnel carriers today is to provide protection and mobility. Here are features in the best wheeled Armoured Personnel Carriers.

Patria AMV

A modern 8×8 wheeled armoured vehicle, the Patria Armoured Modular Vehicle is designed for protection from improvised explosive devices and explosive-formed penetrators. The vehicle can also withstand explosive mines of up to 10 kg.

Boxer APC

It is one of the world’s best armored personnel carriers operated by the German Army, and it can carry 11 occupants, including three crew members and eight infantrymen, reliably and safely. It protects crew members from anti-tank and anti-personnel mines, bomblets and artillery shells, as well as offer all-round ballistic protection against weapons up to 14.5 mm at 30° elevation.

Piranha V

With the latest technology, it is designed to carry 13 personnel in an armoured vehicle which is protected from mines and improvised explosive devices.