INTRACOM DEFENSE (IDE) recently presented to the defence media the successful Hellenic participation at OCEAN2020 (Open Cooperation for European mAritime awareNess). Greek entities which participated and cooperated under OCEAN2020 are IDE, ALTUS LSA (ALTUS), BARRACUDA and the University of Athens (Department of Informatics and Telecommunications).

In this framework IDE:

  • provided the USV “SeaRider”
  • lead the Consortium’s efforts to analyze requirements in the field of USVs (platform and sensors) and
  • undertook the overall design of UHF / VHF radio.

The USV SeaRider has participated in the demonstration of ISR and MIO support mission scenarios with absolute success.

SeaRider is a dual-use (manned/unmanned) surface vehicle, entailing all necessary electronics and automation to operate 24/7 even in the most adverse conditions, carrying out a variety of demanding missions.

The USV operator controls and monitors the SeaRider and its payload from the Control Station which delivers map integration, presentation of information from the engine, navigation equipment and payload, alert, incident and resource management and many other capabilities.

Bi-directional high-speed communication between the Control Station and the USV is achieved over a state-of-the-art wideband UHF Software Defined Radio (WiWAN) system supporting extended telecoms range, dynamically adjustable network topologies, and multiple levels of security (TRANSEC and COMSEC), advanced Quality-of-Service mechanisms and powerful network management.