The Ninth International Colloquium on Performance, Protection, and Strengthening of Structures under Extreme Loading and Events (PROTECT 2024) will be held this August. FUCARE is proud to become one of the platinum sponsors of this event.

PROTECT 2024 will bring together academics, industry personnel and practitioners from around the world to deliberate on the most up-to-date international research findings in this rapidly advancing field.

The primary objective of PROTECT 2024 is to provide a platform for students, faculty, producers, designers, builders and consultants to acquaint themselves with cutting-edge research. The ultimate aim of PROTECT 2024 is to enable cross-fertilization of ideas such that our structures become safer under extreme loading and events.

As a company focusing on protection product solutions for safety shelters against blast and ballistic threats, FUCARE would take this opportunity to consolidate its knowledge in protection engineering and share its practices on product development for safety shelters and applications.

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