FNSS will be attending IDEF’23 International Defense Industry Fair to be held for the 16th time at Istanbul TÜYAP Fair and Congress Centre, between July 25 and 28. IDEF will host many official delegations from approximately 25 countries and celebrate its 30th anniversary this year. FNSS is ready to welcome its visitors at Hall 3 in its stand: 311-C.

FNSS will showcase SHADOW RIDER with 12.7 mm SANCAK Remote Controlled Weapon Station (RWS), PARS IZCI 8×8 with NEFER RCT, PARS 4×4 Anti-tank with SANCAK RWS equipped with a 30mm cannon developed by Samsun Yurt Savunma in line with local capability development activities, KAPLAN MT with 105 mm turret and PULAT active protection system developed by ASELSAN, ZAHA with CAKA RWS designed and manufactured by FNSS, PARS IV 6×6 Special Operations Vehicle and a new product which will be revealed during IDEF’23. Furthermore, an ACV Modernization vehicle, which has undergone platform modernization, turret and mission equipment integration by FNSS in scope of the Armoured Combat Vehicle Modernization Project with on-going deliveries, will be exhibited at the ASELSAN booth.

KAPLAN MT: The Only User Qualified Turkish Medium Tank Enter into Service with an Army
The KAPLAN MT stands out as the first tank-class system serial manufactured in Türkiye and entered into the inventory of an army. Jointly developed by FNSS and PT Pindad within the scope of the Defense Industry Cooperation Agreement signed between Türkiye and Indonesia.

Equipped with a command control system and laser warning system that provide tactical awareness to the vehicle commander, the KAPLAN MT is a modern platform equipped with advanced firepower capabilities and the latest technologies. It features a design architecture with advanced ballistic and mine protection systems, allowing for the use of a wide range of firepower options. Additionally, it is integrated with Pulat active protection system.

Marine Assault Vehicle is Now in Service with the Navy

The Marine Assault Vehicle (MAV), which will be exhibited together with the CAKA Remote Controlled Weapon Station (RWS) at IDEF, recently entered the inventory of the Turkish Navy as the first domestically manufactured armoured combat vehicle in the Naval Forces inventory. MAV has the capability to swiftly cover distances in ship-to-shore, shore-to-ship, and shore-to-shore operations, enabling units to rapidly disembark under protection and fire support. Designed by FNSS to meet the needs of marine infantry, MAV is a state-of-the-art amphibious vehicle with four different variants: Personnel Carrier, Command Vehicle, Recovery Vehicle, and Mine Breaching Vehicle.

PARS IV 6×6 S-Ops Vehicle: The Only Selected and Put into Service 6×6 Wheeled Armoured Vehicle by the Turkish Armed Forces

The PARS IV 6×6 Special Operations Vehicle, which will be showcased at the FNSS booth with the SANCAK Remote-Controlled Weapon Station (RWS), is currently in use by Turkish Army Special Forces Command. As the first 6×6 class armoured vehicle to enter the inventory of the Turkish Armed Forces,
the PARS IV 6×6 is designed to be a superior vehicle compared to its predecessors; with its mission equipment, situational awareness futures, mobility, firepower and protection against mines, IEDs, artillery splinters and heavy machine gun projectiles. The vehicle is equipped with two independent SANCAK RWS systems developed by FNSS. The weapon stations are fitted with a universal gun mount, which enables them to carry 7.62 mm, or 12.7 mm machine guns, or 40 mm automatic grenade launchers, which can be easily changed depending on mission requirements.

The vehicle is equipped with new generation mission equipment which ensures combat effectiveness, safer route planning, command/control and rapid targeting and has been specifically designed to carry special operations units to their mission objectives where multiple threats can be in place and provide fire support to deployed units at the battlefield. The vehicle’s high level of ballistic, mine and IED protection along with the RPG net is designed to protect the crew and the powerpack against unconventional threats where the timing and intensity of the threat cannot be estimated.

PARS SCOUT 8×8 Special Purpose Vehicle: The Only Selected 8×8 Wheeled Armoured Vehicle by the Turkish Armed Forces

Visitors to the FNSS stand will have the opportunity to see the 8×8 member of the PARS SCOUT family, which will be exhibited for the first time at IDEF with a 25mm Remote-Controlled Turret. Developed within the scope of Special Purpose Tactical Wheeled Armoured Vehicles project signed with the Presidency of Defense Industries (SSB) in line with the needs of the Turkish Armed Forces, the PARS SCOUT 8×8 stands out as a vehicle specially designed for reconnaissance and internal security operations, offering tactical advantages to its users with its high situational awareness.

The vehicle excels in high mobility in all terrain conditions, superior ballistic and mine protection, and integrates modern technologies. FNSS will deliver 6×6 and 8×8 vehicles in five different variants to the Turkish Land Forces and the Gendarmerie through the domestic development model. As the first 8×8 wheeled armoured vehicle family to enter the inventory of the Turkish Armed Forces, production is ongoing in line with program schedule. The PARS SCOUT features a two-person driver compartment at the front, protected by ballistic glass and provides a wide horizontal field of view, high driving safety, situational awareness and comfort. Cameras positioned at the front and rear of the vehicle provide superior visibility for the driver and commander under day and night conditions. The PARS SCOUT not only meets the protection level of mine-protected vehicles produced for personnel transportation purposes but also demonstrates its distinctiveness by incorporating the expected mobility of a modern armoured combat vehicle. The modular connection of the vehicle subsystems to its mine-resistant hull ensures ease of maintenance and quick replacement, which makes it superior to its predecessors.

SHADOW RIDER: Türkiye’s First and One of the Key Heavy UGVs in the World

The utilization of Unmanned Ground Vehicles (UGVs) is becoming increasingly common in the modern battlefield, where unconventional threats are inevitable. Unmanned systems have become the focus of modern armies with their superior capabilities that let them to take part in high and low intensity operations and hazardous environments, thereby their role has become increasingly indispensable.
As a result of FNSS’s initiatives in this direction, the “SHADOW RIDER” concept, based on the M113 platform, has evolved into a family of autonomous unmanned ground vehicles that will serve in all kinds of missions, especially fire support. FNSS’ concept is presented as a viable and adaptable solution that provides autonomous capability to a conventional land platform with a kit that can be integrated
into any armoured ground vehicle. SHADOW RIDER has marked its position as Türkiye’s first and one of the key heavy UGVs in the world with TRL-6-7.

FNSS brings to life unique solutions designed to meet the current combat requirements for the Turkish Armed Forces and allied military forces. With its extensive product range, FNSS has established its position among the world’s leading land systems companies. It is now ready to meet with members of allied armed forces, industry professionals and stakeholders during the IDEF 2023 exhibition.