There is nothing worse than a flat tire. Especially in the middle of the operation or mission. Flat tire could be extremely dangerous for your safety and security while driving at high speed. If that happens, you need to stay calm, think quickly and slow down to steer the vehicle into a safe zone. Or what else?

What Does Run-Flat Tire Mean?

Run-flat tires are pneumatic tires that can function without air pressure for an extended period of time. That means, if you puncture one, you can continue driving for around 100 km without changing the tyre, which could be enough to steer the vehicle toward a safe zone.

It seems too good to be true, doesn’t it? Run-flat tyres have reinforced sidewalls that prevent blowout, meaning they won’t need air to stay stiff. Despite this excellent feature, sidewalls are not designed to be permanent, extra driving only is recommended for approximately 80 km after the deflated tyre.

Run-flat tires are an ideal solution in securing the safety of drivers and passengers when a flat occurs.They are standard on 14% of new vehicles and almost essential for the armoured and military vehicles.

What Are the Pros and Cons of Run-Flat Tires?

No matter what the conditions, a military or security vehicle must retain mobility with one or all wheels flat in order to complete the mission and return the crew to a safe environment. Therefore, this is the most essential and important advantage of run-flat tires.

Run-flat tyres come with a handicap however. They aren’t repairable due to the loss of structural integrity once driven upon, making them unideal for puncture repair. If patches are applied, they are more inclined to puncture again down the road due to uneven wear and a loss of rigidity. They have one major drawback compared to conventional tyres. Nevertheless, in defensive sectors, safety and time are paramount. Particularly for military and armored vehicles, run-flat tyres are always worth to be used. In addition, there are new technologies being developed to prevent hard-to-repair situations for run-flat tyres.