The Fire Training Simulator, which will be located in the Akkuyu NPP training simulation complex, will be developed with the aim of giving firefighting methods, the ability to use the equipment for this purpose, as well as the training for firefighters in extreme conditions and environments. The container-based system will include command-and-control facilities, fireplaces, ventilation and heat control and monitoring, gas detection and extinguishing infrastructure. In the simulator, vehicle fires will be simulated as well as fireplaces where possible fires can occur in daily life such as living spaces, electrical panels, and cable channels.

Key properties of Akkuyu NPP training simulator facility will be;

  • Realistic modeling of the environment and conditions that will occur at the time of fire,
  • Training of fire service personnel without causing environmental pollution, considering occupational safety,
  • In places affected by smoke, rescue of people under harsh conditions and exposed to fire,
  • Implementation of coordinated and most efficient techniques, intervention tools during firefighting and rescue trainings in an environment that is not suitable for breathing,
  • Development of skills, knowledge, and practical skills in the use of appropriate fire fighting clothing, equipment, and other equipment to be used,
  • Command/control of training, continuous monitoring and recording by the operator(s).

Thanks to the vision of Akkuyu NPP to create maximum participation of Turkish companies to the project, Meteksan Defence achieved a chance to transfer its capabilities and experiences in defence industry to civil area and to Turkey’s first nuclear power plant project. It is also aimed to move this cooperation to new areas in the upcoming period.

Meteksan Defence Industry

Meteksan Defence has been established in 2006 in order to combine and coordinate the projects and activities of the high technology companies operating within the body of Bilkent Holding for the defence industry under a single roof. In the defence industry sector, in line with the vision of the Presidency of Defence Industry, it continues its works to develop high-tech, national, independent and unique products and subsystems for the Turkish Armed Forces and other security forces.

Operating in 6 main fields including radar systems, perimeter surveillance systems, laser and electro-optical systems, communication systems, underwater acoustics systems and platform simulators, Meteksan Defence is involved platform projects of Turkey, such as national ship, helicopter, unmanned aerial vehicle, and many critical projects such as the development of anti-tank and air defence missile systems. Radar systems, perimeter surveillance radars, altimeters, tactical and strategic missile systems data links, sonar systems, underwater early warning and communication systems and training simulators for helicopters and UAVs are the main original and national products developed by Meteksan Defence.