FN Herstal will exhibit its most advanced aiming and training solutions at the Global SOF Symposium – Europe.

The event will be held in Brussels, Belgium, on October 1-3.

During the exposition, FN Herstal will demonstrate how its mission to design and manufacture a complete range of state-of-the-art, innovative solutions for small firearms applies to the special operations force (SOF) community worldwide.

Alongside its traditional armaments such as the FN SCAR® assault rifle chambered in 5.56mmx45mm or 7.62mmx51mm NATO caliber, FN Herstal will display proprietary aiming and training solutions.

The key aiming solution on display will be the newly-developed FN® Ballistic Calculator
specifically dedicated to snipers, riflemen and machine gunners.

It is a compact, ruggedised and high-performance weapon-mounted range finder. Featuring an embedded ballistic solver and an all-in-one laser system, it enhances lethality by increasing hit probability and situational awareness and simplifying target designation.

FN Herstal will also present the FN® FCU Fire Control Unit that ensures first-round hit probability during night and day when using a 40mm LV / MV grenade system.

Ergonomic and easy-to-use, the fully developed and deployed FN® FCU collects data, conducts complex calculations and automatically adjusts the aiming point.

Fast and effective target engagement with reduced user demand in a high-stress situation helps to ensure mission success.

The FN® FCU Fire Control is widely used by the European SOF community.

FR Herstal will also demonstrate the FN® Expert that is an advanced marksmanship trainer and can be used for tactical training.

When using it, there is no requirement for specific infrastructure. The trainer can be quickly set up in any location to provide unlimited, varied and realistic scenarios.

It gives immediate feedback and is now compatible with Android mobile devices.

FN® Expert is the perfect tool for developing marksmanship skills in realistic conditions and preparing units for their specific missions.

Belgium-based FR Herstal is one of the world’s leading designers and manufacturers of small calibre weapons, weapon systems and associated ammunition.

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