EXPAL has carried out a new presentation of its recent development of the onboard Mortar system on Light Vehicle, Dual-EIMOS, through a demonstration exercise that took place yesterday at the Retín Training Field in Cádiz. Directed at the highest level of the Spanish Ministry of Defense and equipped with the strictest prevention and security measures in the context of Covid-19, the event was attended by Authorities such as the Chief of Staff of the Navy (AJEMA), the Lieutenant General Chief of Logistic Support Command (JEMALE) and the Commandant General of the Marine Corps (COMGEIM).

Two EXPAL mortar systems participated in the demonstration being operated by different bodies of the Armed Forces that highlighted the ability of their professionals to exploit the interoperability of both systems: the new Dual-EIMOS version, operated by a Marine Infantry crew, and the EIMOS 2018 version, operated by the Legion Brigade.

“The deep fording capacity that Dual-EIMOS has acquired, the main singularity of the system, has been extensively tested during the program’s test plan, including the latest successful results during its disembarking on the beach” explains Alberto Fernández Cuervo, Product Manager of the EXPAL Systems.

R & D program in Spain with unique global capabilities

The Dual-EIMOS is a system developed from EIMOS 2018, within the framework of an R&D Program with the SDGPLATIN (DGAM) that has allowed the development of a system tailored to the Navy’s General Staff Requirements, with important improvements in aspects such as its versatility and precision.

Until now, there was no on-board mortar system with deep fording capability on the market globally. The new system also maintains the operational advantages of EIMOS 2018, clearly oriented to shoot and scoot, through characteristics such as maneuverability, 360º shooting without the need for additional supports and even in motion, with the aim of providing maximum efficiency in mission, and ensure survivability. Regarding interoperability, Dual-EIMOS incorporates integration with the TALOS command and control system from the previous version.

About EXPAL Systems

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