Meteksan Defence, which was assigned by the Defence Industries Presidency of the Republic of Turkey with the approach of “Turkey’s Underwater Center of Excellence”, transfers its sonar capabilities for surface platforms to submarine platforms.

Systems developed by Meteksan Defence for submarine platforms include hydrophones, side scan sonar arrays, intercept passive sonar, intercept detection and ranging sonar, digital underwater acoustic modem, hardware and software for sonar systems pre-electronics, signal processing and beam forming, sonar operator interface software. While these completely domestically and nationally developed systems are being used for the modernization activities of existing submarines in the Naval Forces Command inventory, they are also of great importance for the Turkey’s MİLDEN National Submarine Project, where national design activities are ongoing.

MSH-01 Hydrophone, which is completely developed by Meteksan Defence with its own resources, is being used as sensors of passive sonar cylindrical hydrophone array (CHA), passive ranging sonar hydrophone array groups, wet-end side own noise analyses (ONA) systems and cavitation indication (CI) systems of AY/PREVEZE class submarine ships. MSH-01 can be used in the said sonar systems of Type 209 Mod 1000 to Type 209 Mod 1400 class submarines, which are in service both in the Turkish Navy and in worldwide Navies.

Meteksan Defence also produces the sensors, which are mounted along starboard and port sides of submarine hull and form the wet-end side of flank array sonar. The MSH-11 sensor is also intended to be used in flank array sonar systems of Type 209 Mod 1400 class submarines, which are in service both in the Turkish Navy and in worldwide Navies.

Being Contractor of the Sonar Sub Systems of TÜBİTAK BİLGEM in the MUREN PREVEZE National Production Integrated Underwater Combat Management System Development Project, Meteksan Savunma is assigned as responsible for the development of pre-electronic equipment that amplifies and converts the analog signals coming from sensors to digital, as well as the signal processing and beam forming hardware and software of these digital signals. In addition, the sonar developed by Meteksan within the scope of the Intercept Detection and Ranging Sonar (IDRS) Project will be integrated into our PREVEZE Class submarines within the scope of the Project.

Özgür Cankara, Vice President of Meteksan Defence, explains the importance of the submarine sonar systems they have developed as follows; “As you know, the work of the National Submarine (MİLDEN) Project continues at a great pace. Sonar systems are one of the important components of this project, in which maximum local contribution is observed. As Meteksan Defence, we work not only for today’s but also for the future’s sonar technologies. By adapting the Fiber-Optic Acoustic Sensors we are developing to submarine platforms, we aim to contribute to the submarine needs of the future in the MİLDEN Project.