MPL AG is more or less the inventor of fanless computers. They have been providing fanless conductive cooled solutions for over 20 years. Over the years, MPL’s unique cooling method has been duplicated by many computer manufacturers, but their solutions are different to the MPL solution.

The conductive cooling solutions from MPL are not achieved by using heat pipes or other workarounds. The MPL conductive cooling solution starts with the design of the CPU boards and its peripherals. Only low power consumption parts are being selected.

The heat generating parts are being placed on the back side of the baseboard to connect all hot spots directly the case outside. To achieve this specific design, a special agreement (RS NDA) with Intel is required to change the reference design Intel provides. Most of the available products on the market are derived from the reference design of Intel, which are created for commercial computers.

With this special know-how and over 20 years of experience, MPL have designed a conductive cooled Quad Core i7 CPU system with an integrated NVIDIA 768-Core GPGPU. This complete solution requires no fan and can be operated in environments of -40°C up to 60°C.

In addition to the NVIDIA GPGPU, this specific system includes:

  • 4 x GigE ports
  • Dual CAN
  • 8 x serial ports
  • Audio
  • 12-32V DC input according MIL-STD-1275D
  • SuperCap to support low input voltage during 250msec acc. MIL-STD-1275D
  • Secure mounting of 2.5in SSD
  • All packaged into a IP67 conductive cool housing

Any required changes or additional features can most probably be integrated. Let MPL know what your needs are and they can help you find a solution.

The rugged conductive cooled GPGPU computer is 100% designed and manufactured by MPL AG in Switzerland. This guarantees the best quality, long-term availability, long-time repair, and gives you the security that you can trust (the

GPGPU card is from a third party supplier and is connected over an MPL designed MXM adapter card).