SengS, part of Pryme Group, is an Aberdeen-based Engineering and Service Company providing engineering, testing, controls and tooling to a number of industries including the military. They have made an encouraging start to the year with the announcement of new contracts worth a combined £750,000.

Global Engineering Solutions

SengS has designed, manufactured and delivered a diverse range of projects, including a containerised test unit for an Aberdeen-based oilfield equipment firm; allowing for the safe and efficient execution of work scopes within the customer’s own facility.
SengS has also commenced work on its first project in Spain, designing a bespoke test facility for a valve manufacturing company that will be housed at its plant near Bilbao.

The business is also in discussions with several customers to provide engineering support for their installed base assets, as well as development of their proprietary tooling.

Environmental testing improvements

These latest contract wins have coincided with a further investment in a new environmental chamber at the SengS facility. This new chamber is capable of testing equipment up to 20,000psi pressure and at temperatures between minus 50 up to 250 degrees Celsius.

This additional environmental chamber increases testing capacity and builds upon the company’s key differentiator of quick turnaround times and its agility in responding to ever-changing customer requirements.

Continued investment

More than £4million has been invested in developing its 9,817ft² test facility in Ellon in recent years. This has included enhancements to existing pressure testing capability through the addition of a custom-built 60ft plain end test rig and a large, external water test tank that can accommodate very large components that other facilities wouldn’t be able to handle.

Stronger engineering capability

David Benison, managing director at SengS, commented: “After taking on the role in 2019, my immediate focus was to stabilise the business and put us in a better place to embark on the growth plan that will move the business forward. As part of this, we have strengthened our engineering capability and are well positioned to manage the turnkey projects that will utilise the breadth of the Pryme Group companies in satisfying our customers’ requirements.

“Having strong, clear and unambiguous values as an organisation is the key to driving the culture required to allow the Pryme businesses to grow. We now have the team in place that will enable the growth required to meet the strategic ambitions both internally at SengS and as part of the wider Pryme Group.”

SengS provides engineering, testing, control and hydraulic systems, and tooling to the aerospace, defence, and oil and gas industries, among others. Its manufacturing and test facilities are geared towards specialist pressure and environmental qualification testing of customer-owned equipment, including actuators, valves, and gaskets.

Since 2012, the company has successfully delivered more than 600 projects across multiple disciplines for clients in the North Sea, Norway, Azerbaijan, the Middle East, and West Africa.