The BUCKLE REPLACEMENT CASE makes possible to keep handcuff on the center line of the waist where it is easy to use them with both hands. This unique case works as a buckle and takes advantage of the ‘wasted space’ taken by a traditional buckle. This case also works much better than the traditional plastic belt buckle. The 4-layer Velcro fastening ensures incredible tensile strength. The belt tension with the case can be adjusted in a couple of seconds without taking the belt off.

Key features of the Buckle Replacement Case:

  • Super Strong
  • Single or double cuffs
  • Fits almost all cuffs, chain and hinged
  • Different colour options
  • Different material options
  • PALS/MOLLE compatible
  • Replaces belt buckle
  • Free space from the belt
  • Velcro or button option on lid
  • Customisation available