APEXO INC. is pleased to announce that its AFS® ballistic simulation system has been recognized by the Forces as the most effective and complete and therefore will equip the Long Range Snipers and Precision Shooters of the French Army.

Capable of calculating with great precision the trajectory of the ammunition, the AFS® provides, among other things, the shooter with precise scope adjustments allowing him to precisely reach its target, every time.

The selection of the AFS® is the result of several test campaigns conducted by the Technical Section of the Army (STAT). These tests carried out at several test sites and under various operational conditions (day, night, temperature and pressure conditions), demonstrated the real added value in terms of targets’ hit probability including at very far distances.

ApexO’s AFS®, based on disruptive and innovative physical algorithms, is recognized as having the most accurate and efficient ballistics simulation technology on the market. Safran will integrate the AFS® software in the upcoming version of the Scorpion Dismounted Soldier Combat Information System (SICS-D) paired with the planning application.

We are proud to have been selected as the official ballistic simulation software integrated into the SICS-D under Safran Electronics & Defense and to be able to contribute to the improvement of the tactical capabilities of the French Army.