In response to growing security concerns in Lithuania due to evolving geopolitical dynamics, MKU, a leading provider of advanced defence solutions, has secured a strategic collaboration with Lithuania’s State Border Guard Services. The collaboration aims to bolster Lithuania’s border defenses amid escalating threats and potential provocations.

As Lithuania adapts to an evolving security landscape, preparations are underway to address various contingencies, including hostile migrant infiltrations, cross-border incidents, and recent airspace incursions. In accordance with these preparations, select border crossings are being considered for temporary closure to enhance security measures.

The decision to select MKU as the supplier of tactical ballistic helmets aligns with Lithuania’s commitment to strengthening its border protection strategies. Lithuania, flanked by Poland and Latvia, views border security as crucial, given its position as an external frontier of both the European Union and NATO.

Neeraj Gupta, Managing Director of MKU, says:

“MKU’s collaboration with Lithuania encompasses more than partnership; it heralds a vital advancement in border security. Our advanced helmets offer a dual advantage of state-of-the-art ballistic protection and wearer comfort, so they are ideal for use with border guard services.

This collaboration signifies a union of shared goals, as Lithuania and MKU strive to empower the nation’s borders while setting a benchmark in advanced defence solutions.”