Trenton Systems Inc, a manufacturer of rugged servers and workstations, processor boards, and PCIe backplanes, is announcing yet another NVMe JBOD Server, the 24EVO, designed for commercial, industrial, and military applications with high data throughput needs.

The all-new 24EVO Rugged JBOD Server is closely related to its predecessor – the 3MAG. It holds 24 U.2 NVMe SSDs, is 16.2” deep and clocks in with impressive read and write speeds at 27GB/s using nothing but organic PCIe interconnect. The 24EVO does, however, offer two significant updates that make it a JBOD Server for all industries: 24 individually removable and hot-swappable SSDs.

Trenton Systems president Michael Bowling said: “Our customers across the board, this includes military, industrial, and commercial sectors alike, demanded a JBOD Server which allows the user to remove individual drives while in operation.

“But the new system needs to retain the 27GB/s read and write speeds like the 3MAG JBOD server. That, in a nutshell, is the 24EVO.”

24EVO’s design offers reliability and dependability, no matter where you place it. Whether your requirements ask for ruggedisation or center around a climate-controlled environment, the performance remains the same. That is due to the numerous stress-tests it endures before it ever reaches the client’s site.

Just like its predecessor, the 24EVO is also processor board agnostic. You can plug any SBC of your choice, up to two of them, to the same JBOD server and talk to eight SSDs at the same time. It makes the 24EVO a perfect addition to any arsenal that requires unbelievably fast data throughput mixed with high-performance computing.

Trenton Systems marketing director Yazz Krdzalic said: “The great thing about the 24EVO is its versatility and ability to pair with existing or new systems.

“If you need lots of fast, reliable storage and you don’t want to go through upgrading your entire infrastructure, the 24EVO is a perfect pick. It enables you to match two of your existing systems to one JBOD Server and utilizes some of the fastest data throughputs from host to SSDs the market has seen. There’s nothing like it out there right now.”

The 24EVO goes on sale today and qualifies for the Loaner Program, where you can borrow any ruggedised computer free for 45 days with no strings attached.