Trenton Systems Rugged Servers for Military Applications

Trenton Systems is a US manufacturer of rugged and reliable military servers for mission-critical applications.

Trenton’s rugged servers are built in-house and designed to offer enhanced reliability and hardened security in the harshest of military environments. Our long-life military-grade servers can be trusted for various sea, land, air, or space programmes.

Our experienced team of in-house engineers can custom-design a solution to meet even the most demanding client requirements.

Innovative and reliable servers certified to military standards

Trenton’s solutions are equipped with single or dual Xeon® Scalable Performance Servers, double data rate 4 (DDR4) RAM, and the latest in peripheral component interconnect express (PCIe) technology. All servers undergo an intense testing procedure that includes stress-tests to ensure peak performance.

Our state-of-the-art servers are certified to military standards including MIL-STD-810, MIL-STD-461, MIL-S-901, CE, UL, and FCC.

Trenton’s servers are among the most reliable and long-lasting available on the market and with a computer life cycle that lasts more than 11 years. This helps to save time and money on renewing, re-qualifications, and re-certifications.

Durable servers and workstations for military applications

Trenton supplies lightning fast, powerful one to five unit (1U to 5U) computers supporting multiple processor boards. The computers come with Dual Intel Xeon Scalable Performance CPUs, up to 1.5TB DDR4-2933 memory via eight or 12 error correcting code (ECC) registered memory module (RDIMM) slots, up to 18 PCIe slots (or more with our expansion chassis), and SATA or NVMe drives for storage.

Our 1U to 5U Trenton Rugged Core Series Workstations are designed to be extremely tough and durable, offering up to 64GB DDR4-2400 memory via 4 ECC DIMM slots, up to 18 PCIe slots (or more with our expansion chassis), and SATA or NVMe drives for storage.

Rugged blade servers to ensure product versatility

Trenton’s 1U or 2U rugged blade servers offer any programme or application enhanced versatility and interchangeability.

Featuring tool-less processor board removal and redundant power supplies, the servers have been specially designed to be easy-to-use and versatile. They enable users to mix and match between single or dual CPU SBCs and customise with internal or front-access / hot-swap drives, and are available with up to four 1U high server blades or two 2U high server blades.

Trenton’s servers are some of the most innovative rugged solutions on the market today.

JBOD servers for connection from multiple hosts

Featuring 24 U.2 NVMe solid-state disks (SSDs) with up to 27GB/s read and write speeds, Trenton’s JBOD servers offer native, end-to-end PCIe connection from multiple hosts straight to the drives.

The servers allow users to communicate with either drives simultaneously, drastically reducing latency. Our JBOD server is processor board agnostic, meaning it is compatible with any session border controller (SBC).

A gigabit ethernet (GbE) management port also allows easy connectivity to the BMC for system monitoring and control. The innovative rugged chassis design enables users to grab up to eight solid-state drives (SSDs) at the same time without the need for tools.

Processor boards for the most complex computer requirements

Trenton’s process boards have been developed to exceed the most complex computing requirements in the most challenging military conditions. Our process boards are designed, manufactured, and assembled in-house at our US facility.

By controlling the supply chain at the component level, we can develop any board to the client’s requirement, including single or dual CPUs and customised I/O interfaces.

PCIe backplanes

Trenton’s products feature up to 18 PCIe slots on one backplane with the capability of adding more using the latest Gen3 PCIe expansion kit. PCIe slots can be expanded to as many as the user requires by simply plugging in a Trenton process board.

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Trenton Systems, Inc.

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