YAKAMOS-RT, the new member of the YAKAMOS Family, which has been successfully operating at sea for a long time with MILGEM ADA Class Corvettes and is Turkey’s first exported hull-mounted sonar system, will be exhibited for the first time at the Meteksan Defence stand at the IDEF 2023 Exhibition to be held between 25-28 July 2023.

YAKAMOS-RT was specially developed to provide anti-submarine warfare capability to smaller platforms such as Patrol Boats and Unmanned Naval Vehicles, which operate in shallow waters and cannot be fitted with a hull-mounted sonar system.

YAKAMOS-RT, which has a smaller and lighter array structure with its high frequency operation, will not restrict the maneuverability of the platforms thanks to its retractable structure. This new sonar system, which provides significant operational advantages compared to its counterparts thanks to its algorithms and user interface optimized for Anti-Submarine Warfare, uses the YAKAMOS Sonar family’s algorithms, which have proven their performance in different seas for many years.

Özgür CANKARA, Vice-President of Meteksan Defence, said that YAKAMOS-RT is Turkey’s first retractable sonar developed for Anti-Submarine Warfare (ASW): “We continue to use the technology and infrastructure we have acquired in the field of sonar systems to develop new products with our own resources. The ability of smaller platforms such as patrol boats, especially domestic and national unmanned naval vehicles, which have recently achieved significant success, to operate against submarine threats was an issue we attached great importance to.

While aiming for a sonar system that is small and light enough to be carried by such platforms, we also strived for a sonar system that meets ASW expectations and is cost-effective for these platforms. In this context, we have completed the development process of YAKAMOS-RT by carrying out an innovative work. I expect this new sonar system to be put into service as soon as possible on various surface platforms produced domestically, especially the ULAQ Unmanned Surface Vessel, and I believe that we will bring a great competitive advantage to our shipyards in the world market, especially with its use on platforms that will be exported to countries with shallow waters.”