The current growing ‘state of readiness for battle’ for many militaries around the world, combined with the greater involvement of the military in support of natural disasters, illustrates the strategic importance of the dual-role capabilities of WFEL’s bridging systems.

Located in the UK Pavilion, Booth 216H during IDEF 2019 in Istanbul, WFEL will be promoting its Dry Support Bridge (DSB), which has attracted significant interest from armed forces and emergency and disaster relief bodies, and is already held in inventory by militaries around the world including Turkey, USA, Switzerland, and Australia.

The Dry Support Bridge is the world’s most technically-advanced, rapidly-deployable military bridge of its type and a 46m bridge can be constructed by a crew of eight in under 90 minutes. In response to the increasing threats faced by armed forces in today’s ever more complex military scenarios, the DSB launching system is now available on RMMV Rheinmetall MAN 10×10 fully-armoured military vehicles, as well as a number of other military vehicles.

WFEL’s rapidly-deployable bridging systems, both the DSB Dry Support Bridge and the modular MGB Medium Girder Bridge, provide temporary infrastructure, greatly enhancing an Army’s capability to quickly manoeuvre across physical terrain as complex as rivers, ravines, and man-made gaps

Each bridging system consists of interoperable parts, which can be swapped and shared during international Aid Missions, as well as on joint operations in conflict zones.