WEW, a THIELMANN company, has expanded its deployable fuel and water storage and distribution system portfolio with two new products designed to maximise affordability for the customer.

The FSD-10 Fuel Storage and Dispensing Unit and the WSD-10 Water Storage and Dispensing Unit have been developed with affordability in mind. To achieve this, the units are fitted onto DIN 30722-1 PLS/DROPS compatible ‘A-frames’, creating low-profile systems that retain the handling capabilities of the WEW full frame systems. The overall dimensions of the systems allow transport inside a standard ISO box container for full intermodality.

Both systems serve forward area/general support fuel and water supply for operators in the military, peacekeeping and disaster relief applications in the toughest environments.

The FSD-10 delivers up to 10,000L of diesel, petrol or aviation fuel for forward area or command level fuel supply. The demountable system is compatible with forklift or crane-handling systems, and can be transported by 3, 4 and 5-axle logistics vehicles with/without onboard hook lift.

The system has a gross weight of 15,000kg and operating pressure of 0.45 bar. Capable of operating with temperature range of -40ºC to 49ºC, the unit has an integrated 50-280 LPM pumping system and can be tailored to meet customer requirements with an onboard power generator, fuel filtration and self-filling capability, one to four dispensing hosereels, mechanical or electronic flow metres, insulation or heating system. Telemetry options are also available.

The WSD-10 delivers up to 10,000L of drinking and non-potable water for forward area or command-level water supply. With an integrated 20-200 LPM pumping system, the system is transportable by 4×4 up to 8×8 logistics vehicles, and is crane and forklift handling system compatible.

A further variant, the WSD-10-FF has been specially designed with the firefighting and emergency services in mind. This unit, incorporating German ‘Feuerwehr’-approved pumping and mixing equipment is intended to provide ready supplies of water where hydrant/river access may not be immediately available. Optional equipment includes foam and suppressant concentrate storage and mixing, together with a high-volume pump.

With a maximum gross weight of 15,000kg, the system has a number of available options to meet customer requirements, including onboard power generator, insulation/heating options for sub-zero operations, self-filling capability, spigot stand, UV radiation and clean-in-place tank internal cleaning.

“WEW has leveraged the proven FSD design, many examples of which are seeing service in austere conditions in the Southern Arabian Gulf as the basis for this new family. We have developed this range to appeal to military and NGO customers whose logistics requirements may be primarily vehicle-mounted and where multimodal capabilities may not be required, while still demanding the quality engineering that WEW fuel and water systems are known for worldwide,” Bjoern Stolz, managing director, WEW commented.

“The FSD-10 and WSD-10 will fill a critical gap in the market in that respect, providing the highest quality, capability and reliability standards while delivering low lifecycle costs and maximising affordability to customers in a wide range of market sectors.”