WEW Container Systems GmbH has changed its name to THIELMANN WEW GmbH following THIELMANN’s acquisition of WEW Container Systems in 2016. The name change will be effective as of 25th January 2019.

This name change reflects the full incorporation of WEW Container Systems and its unique product and service portfolio into THIELMANN.

WEW is a trusted brand across the world and the full incorporation into THIELMANN will only strengthen these existing relationships, allowing the company to provide further expertise, especially in the area of providing container solutions.

Over the past few years, THIELMANN has already strengthened the design and manufacturing hub at THIELMANN WEW GmbH, located in Weitefeld, Germany. We are now integrating these capabilities into THIELMANN whilst providing additional peace of mind in the knowledge that THIELMANN WEW GmbH is backed by the world leader in container solutions.

THIELMANN is the world’s leading manufacturer of stainless steel containers offering a unique one-stop shop solution for containers. This includes container solutions ranging in capacity from 5L – 50,000L, as well as all services around the containers.

The company is proud to have served a multitude of industries, some for more than 275 years, by providing container solutions for a wide array of industries including chemical, defense, nuclear, petrochemical, pharmaceutical, food and beverage.