WB Group is pleased to announce the evolution of its TOPAZ software system from only a fire control software system to a fully integrated combat management system (ICMS) for military users providing a comprehensive suite of tools for commanders to enable quicker decision making and reaction.

WB Group’s engineering team has created TOPAZ ICMS to accelerate decision making with high levels of accuracy and work with other technologies for surveillance, command and communications, fire control and strike. TOPAZ ICMS facilitates an adaptive workflow drawing upon the core elements in battle: overwatch/observation, management/logistics and strike.

TOPAZ facilitates the battlefield management at every command level, enables a real-time analysis of information acquired from reconnaissance and observation systems and ensures the precise strike with use of the available loitering munitions systems.

The system also enables the control of all logistic assets, including ammunition reserves and technical condition of vehicles by the commander.

The company also proudly launches its WARMATE 2 Loitering Munition System, a new member of WB GROUP’s loitering munitions systems family – WARMATE. The much bigger and mightier WARMATE 2 adds more impact power and longer flight endurance to the precision and swiftness of WARMATE. WARMATE 2 is designed to be integrated with ground assets, optimising eyes-on-target and command and control operations for ground vehicles, all additional equipment for transportation, launch and communications devices.

The key advantages of the systems offered by WB GROUP are modularity and scalability.

These allow the company to build various configurations that connect all WB GROUP’s products and functions, creating fully integrated hardware and software solutions enhancing situational awareness in the military and civil sectors, that provides support in strategy, mission planning and preparation.

“Combat operations of the future will take place in increasingly complex and multi-faceted environments,” said Piotr Wojciechowski, President of WB GROUP.

“Our engineers are finding solutions to provide global militaries with high-tech military means providing protection against air and ground threats on a multi-domain battlefield.”


  • Surveillance and reconnaissance
  • Tactical command and communication
  • Unmanned aerial systems
  • Air strike

WHO: The following executives will be available for media requests:

  • Piotr Wojciechowski – president, WB Group
  • Adam Bartosiewicz – vice president, WB Group
  • Tomasz Badowski – director communications, WB GROUP


MSPO 2018

4-7 September 2018

Kielce, Poland

WHERE:        Hall F, Stand F-08 and ZG-11

WB GROUP, the largest defence contractor in Poland, designs and manufactures state-of-the-art systems which integrate communication, unmanned aerial systems, loitering munitions and fire control subsystems into robust and agile integrated solutions that deliver enhanced capabilities to vehicle and weapon systems platforms, as well as dismounted warfighters.

The company innovates and develops cutting-edge technological solutions needed to address modern and multi-domain conflicts and critical infrastructures security.


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