While drones benefit a wide range of industries, they also pose potential risks, especially to border security. Due to the border’s distinctive characteristics of being extensive and challenging to fully secure, a mobile anti-drone solution holds significant importance for ensuring security. A case in point is the adoption of NovoQuad Group’s Vehicle-Mounted Anti-Drone Solution by the Police Department in Southeast Asia to strengthen their border protection measures.

By integrating ND-BU001 Standard Anti-Drone System and the ND-BO002 Omnidirectional Jammer, this anti-drone solution offers an extended detection range and 360-degree interference coverage, enabling it to efficiently detect and counter multiple drones simultaneously. These devices have been installed on an elevated platform in the vehicle, ensuring adaptability across various security tasks.

ND-BU001 Standards Anti-Drone System is composed of Active Radar, Directional Jammer, Camera, and Software Control System. Leveraging a 3D active phased-array radar, the system achieves considerable detection distance and can track more than 200 drone targets simultaneously. The Directional Jammer has 6 jamming frequency bands, covering almost all the frequency bands used by mainstream drones on the market. Meanwhile, the Camera captures the complete sequence from detection and jamming to forcing drones to land or return. In conjunction with the Directional Jammer, ND-BO002 Omnidirectional Jammer enhances the solution’s multi-drone countermeasure capabilities with 360-degree coverage for comprehensive protection.

All anti-drone devices are connected to the Software Control System, enabling centralized control and management, including command output, information input, and parameter setting. The real-time information, such as drone data, trajectories, videos, local map and device status, will be presented through the user-friendly software interface, to enhance the interaction with the operator and improve the operational efficiency.

This complete anti-drone solution significantly enhances the effectiveness of counter-drone operations due to its extensive and comprehensive operational capabilities. After successful acceptance test, two sets of the Vehicle-Mounted Anti-Drone Systems have been strategically positioned along the border to support police patrols and bolster security operations within the region.

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