Barrett’s High Power High Frequency (HF) systems are upgrading communications at Peru’s Jorge Chavez International Airport.

Since 2001, Lima Airport Partners S.R.L (LAP) and the Peruvian CAA (Civil Aviation Authority) have undertaken an extensive modernisation and infrastructure expansion of the Jorge Chavez International Airport, located in the nation’s capital of Lima. Barrett Communications have been a critical component of the modernisation of the airport’s communications infrastructure.

Barrett 4075 High power HF transmitters and receivers have been integrated into the complex communications infrastructure system. The installations are fully redundant internet protocol (IP) based split sites (separate transmit and receive sites).

Mr John Eschenfelder, General Manager Barrett USA commented “The Barrett 4075 was chosen for its unique liquid cooled design and modern interface. The liquid cooled design accommodates high duty cycle operation. Along with the industry leading duty cycle capabilities, the modern smart device-based interface, inbuilt ARINC based SELCALL and FCCp87 certification make the 4075 the most reliable, cost effective and advanced high power systems available in the market.”

HF communications are used by airports to communicate with aircraft in transoceanic flights as well as communications over distances beyond line of sight. Additional uses of HF system for airports include secure reliable communications of voice and data between other airports and first responders during emergencies. HF communication is the most reliable form of communication when typical infrastructure is compromised and continues to be used by many government organisations globally as the system of choice when all other systems have failed.

In August 2019, Barrett Communications received FCC approval for the 4075 under rule part 87 – Aviation. FCC approvals are recognized by the United States and many other organizations globally, such as ICAO and civil aviation organisations, it is also used by many countries as part of their homologation process.

Barrett Communications will be exhibiting at the ICAO Innovation Fair in Montreal Canada in September 2019. Barrett will have the 4050 HF SDR and 4075 High power systems available at their stand 33 on the fourth floor.