According to the information obtained by the AA correspondent, Nurol Makina, which signed a contract for the export of Ejder Yalçın and NMS 4×4 tactical wheeled armored vehicles in Hungary and established its first organic organization abroad, is intensifying its activities in the country.

The company, starting its activities aiming at Hungary with the contract in 2019, delivered a large number of vehicles in the past period. Nurol Makina introduced different versions of existing vehicles in line with Hungary’s demands and needs.

The armored personnel carrier and mortar versions of the Ejder Yalçın and NMS 4×4, named Gidran in Hungary, were exhibited at the event held at the training field of the Bakony Combat Training Center of the Hungarian Armed Forces.

During evaluation the off-road performance of the vehicles, Ejder Yalçın fired with a 120 millimeter mortar. The mortar version of the NMS 4×4 was introduced with the 81 millimeter mortar system. Mortar guns of Rheinmetall company were used in the vehicles in line with the user demand.

Nurol Makina, which signed export contracts with more than 10 countries for both vehicles, had also succeeded in selling Ejder Yalçın’s mortar vehicle abroad. The company developed the Ejder Yalçın Mortar Vehicle last year in line with the needs of the users. The company, which produced the pickup version of the Yörük 4×4, later integrated a mortar into the vehicle.

High precision strike capability

Mortar vehicles, which can meet the blind fire support needs of commando, infantry, motorized and mechanized infantry units in conventional and asymmetrical operational environments, have 81 and 120 millimeter mortar guns, semi-automatic ammunition loading system, ammunition storage system and fire control system.

The high stability of the vehicles allows the hits to be made with high precision. Ejder Yalçın and NMS mortar vehicles can change the location quickly and safely after firing, thanks to their high mobility in all kinds of terrain. Thus, it becomes difficult for the vehicle to be detected by enemy elements. In coordination with the “reconnaissance observation vehicle” configuration, which is also capable of acting as a “forward surveillance vehicle”, targets detected with great precision can be effectively striked by the “mortar vehicle”.