With version 4.27, Sundog’s ocean visual simulation system Triton now supports NVidia’s CUDA Toolkit version 10.1. It ensures Triton Ocean SDK’s faster performance on NVidia-based systems and supports newer NVidia graphic processing units (GPUs), including the RTX series and any GPU that supports shader model 7.5.

Updating CUDA means some changes to the environments Triton can operate in. Sundog will keep a copy of the Triton 4.26 installers for the clients who will continue using it.
CUDA 10.1 requires NVidia driver version 426 or newer.

Clients are advised to ensure the systems they are deploying Triton-based application on have updated drivers installed. If clients are not able to install the updated drivers, they should continue using version 4.26.

CUDA 10.1 removed the ability to build against different CUDA Toolkits in the same project and stopped supporting 32-bit targets a long time ago. That means Sundog has stopped supporting CUDA in 32-bit targets for Visual Studio 2012, 2013, 2015, 2017 or 2019.

If users still require building 32-bit applications, they are advised to continue using Triton 4.26 when targeting NVidia systems.

CUDA 10 does not support Visual Studio 2010 anymore. For clients using Visual Studio 2010, Triton 4.27 builds against CUDA 9.1 for 64-bit targets and CUDA 6.5 for 32-bit targets.

As long as clients use reasonably recent drivers on the end-user systems and develop 64-bit applications, CUDA 10 is perfectly suitable. If not, they should not update to Triton 4.27 just yet.

Sundog has conducted extensive testing of Triton 4.27 and offers customer support in case users encounter issues with the new system release.