Trenton Systems, a manufacturer of cybersecure, rugged, made-in-USA computing solutions, has released its long-awaited 3U BAM Server, a dynamic, high-performance military computer designed to perform seamlessly at the edge and effectively secure customers’ sensitive information using a holistic hardware, firmware, and software trusted computing methodology.

The 3U BAM Server is designed, manufactured, assembled, tested, and supported in the USA by security-savvy engineers who place supply chain security, counterfeit electronics prevention, and layer-specific cybersecurity protections at top of mind. It’s equipped with innovative and trusted cybersecurity technologies developed by Intel and other leading, cybersecurity-innovative companies, purposefully designed to protect the BAM’s hardware, firmware, and software completely and help ensure a high degree of confidence-instilled resistance to unauthorized access to and disclosure of customers’ highly sensitive information.

“For more than 31 years, Trenton Systems has focused on domestic, secure, high-performance computing,” said Michael Bowling, CEO of Trenton Systems. “I’m particularly excited to see the impact our latest BAM product will have on the military’s security infrastructure.”

The 3U BAM Server is not only a cyber-resilient solution but also a powerful and superior juggernaut of high-performance computing and ruggedization. Sporting two third-generation Intel Xeon SP CPUs, 11 PCIe Gen 4 slots, and 24 ECC RDIMM slots neatly arranged in a lightweight, ruggedized aluminum chassis, the 3U BAM Server is, without question, ready to perform smoothly, decisively, steadfastly, and uninterruptedly at the military-industrial edge.

“On a broad level, we want to help DoD Key Decision Makers modernize their infrastructures enough to take full advantage of truly transformative technologies like artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning, deep learning, Big Data and the Internet of Things, among others,” said Sean Campbell, VP of Sales, Marketing & BD of Trenton Systems. “As such, we have carefully shaped our Secure, Trusted BAM Server offerings to empower our DoD customers to fully benefit from emerging future technologies by building around our elite partnerships with Intel and NVIDIA.”

An exceptionally secure edge computing server, the BAM offers platform-wide cybersecurity protections but not merely as an afterthought. Designed from inception as secure by security-conscious engineers and Trenton Systems’ pioneering technology and brand partners, the 3U BAM Server is:

  • Designed, manufactured, assembled, tested, and supported in the USA
  • Compliant with the Trade Agreements Act (TAA)
  • Equipped with verified parts and components from a trusted, vetted, and secure supply chain
  • Secured by Intel PFR, Intel SGX, and Intel TME
  • Secured by Star Lab’s Titanium Security Suite and FIPS 140-2 encryption
  • Secured by a Counterfeit Protection Program (CPP)
  • Adherent to CSfC and ISO9001
  • Holistically protected at the hardware, firmware, and software layers

Complementing the 3U BAM Server’s security, high performance, and ruggedization is its longevity. Trenton Systems’ industry-leading computer life cycle lasts decades and is coupled with the company’s strict revision control and custom BIOS control practices, ensuring that customers receive the same BAM hardware, firmware, and software build every time for as long as possible.

Best of all, the 3U BAM Server is free to implement and test in your current computing platform via Trenton Systems’ 45-Day Loaner Program. Here’s how it works: we’ll send you a 3U BAM Server for free; you use it how you want for 45 days, and you send it back if you’re not pleased – no risk, no hidden fees, and no strings attached.

“The BAM system, from the start, has been designed to address pain points. For starters, it’s US-made, created within an actively managed supply chain, and offers the longest life cycle the industry has to offer,” says Yazz Krdzalic, Director of Marketing & BD at Trenton Systems. “Digging a bit deeper, we see multiple layers of system hardening to keep your sensitive data

encrypted/protected. It’s lightweight, ruggedized, stress-tested, certified, and it works at the tactical edge just like it does in a climate-controlled environment. It has it all. That’s the BAM.”