Total Sec Ltd, the manufacturer of AUTHORITIES GEAR products, has today announced new distribution partnership with Newcomer Arms, LLC, a highly respected and well-established company based in United States of America. The agreement involves the exclusive distribution of the AUTHORITIES GEAR brand in the USA.

Kim Starck, Vice President Export of Total Sec Ltd states: “Newcomer Arms has a lot of connections to those customer segments that we are aiming with Authorities Gear products. We are extremely excited to have Newcomer Arms as our distributor in the USA and we are looking forward to a strong long-term cooperation.”

Newcomer Arms is a family owned company that specializes in the development of vanguard technologies and completing challenging acquisitions, bringing a heritage of innovation to every project. “We are happy to be the AUTHORITIES GEAR partner in the USA. These high-quality products are an excellent add on to our existing product portfolio” Darryl Nowak, CEO of Newcomer Arms said.