THIELMANN has announced the acquisition of cleaning, maintenance and container inspectors CONTek IBC-Service GmbH.

CONTek’s extensive industry knowledge aligns with THIELMANN’s growth strategy as a global leader in the container industry.

CONTek is based in Ellrich, Germany and specialises in chemical and automotive coatings. Its cleaning facility is optimised to clean containers up to a maximum capacity of 1,200 liters.

The company has a proven track record in the cleaning sector and THIELMANN intends to build on their strength and to further grow CONTek in the future.

Co-founder of CONTek’s Fredi Endtricht will continue in the role of managing director while placing more emphasis of the company’s expansion of its facilities.

Endtricht commented: “I am happy to see CONTek joining THIELMANN. This will lift our company to the next level and supports our wish to expand the business. THIELMANN is the leader in stainless steel containers and CONTek is the leader in container cleaning. I am sure, that both parties will profit significantly.”

Wolfgang Kuhn, CONTek’s co-founder, has left the company in September after reaching the retirement age, though he will continue to support Thielmann as an advisor.

Speaking of the deal, Kuhn said: “With THIELMANN, we found the best owner for our life’s work. As initially planned CONTek can grow and expand its capacity”

THIELMANN CEO Bernd Loeser said: “THIELMANN is growing. Our strong organic growth is supported by selected acquisitions, especially of specific competencies. CONTek is perceived as an undisputed leader in cleaning of IBCs.”

“With its integration, THIELMANN will complement its current service portfolio in different container sectors and CONTek will benefit from access to a broad global customer base and THIELMANN’s world-leading expertise in the container industry.”

CONTek will be renamed THIELMANN CONTek as part of integration plans.