Our Defense Division is exhibiting our Composite Rubber Track (CRT) system in the Canadian Pavilion Hall F, booth F-25, at the annual show in Kielce, Poland, between 4-7 September 2018.

We are showcasing our CRT technology in partnership with Huta Stalowa Wola (HSW), on the new Borsuk IFV vehicle.

The Borsuk IFV has been developed for the Polish Army and the version displayed on the PGZ stand in Hall C has a composite rubber track system from Soucy Defense.

Soucy’s CRT system consists of a continuously cased rubber band structure, reinforced with a range of composite materials and steel cord, weighing up to 50% lighter than comparable Steel track. This has enabled the vehicle weight to be reduced.

Our CRT System offers additional advantages: up to 70% vibration reduction (providing more crew comfort and prolonging life of onboard electronics); up to 13dB noise reduction (improving crew communication, situational awareness and vehicles battlefield stealth).

The Borsuk IFV is an amphibious and very rapid manoeuvrable vehicle. The name Borsuk takes its origins from the Eurasian Badger, the serial production being expected from 2019.

Our defence Business Development (BD) teams will be on hand throughout MSPO at the Canadian Pavilion, Hall F, Booth F-25, to discuss the benefits and advantages of CRT technology.

Come and meet our team and find out more about our technology.

Press contact in Canada: Angeline HECKEL-ELIÈS

T: +1 819 474 4522 (Ext. 2422) / E:

Press contact at MSPO: Mr. Hugo Torstensen – Business Development Director Europe

T: +47 970 21 457 / E: