The Smart Whole Life Assessment project developed by EXPAL, and focused on the smart management of explosive depots, has been awarded in the Santa Barbara Awards for Innovation 2019. This solution applies RFID radio frequency technology for better management of explosive storage, improving their safety and guaranteeing a better management of the life cycle of energetic materials.

“The Santa Barbara Innovation Awards seek to recognize those ideas or proposals that arise among employees and that respond to a need of our customers or the organization, introducing improvements in matters such as safety, productivity or environment,” explains Miguel Ángel Flórez, Chief Technology Officer (CTO) of the company.

 Smart Whole Life Assessment

The award-winning solution proposes the automation of explosive surveillance services, modernizing the predominant procedure in the industry, which is manual and dependent on people.

It is based on intelligent labeling of the containers of energetic material -or the product itself-, using RFID radio frequency technologies. The warehouse manager can wirelessly obtain key information about stored products: check their status, environmental variables that affect the life of the product (humidity, temperature), real-time inventory (to detect lost product).

Among the benefits that the customer obtains from this service are the simplification of the inventory tasks, the automatic alert in case of product loss, and the constant evaluation of the properties and conditions of the life cycle of the stored explosives.

Users of energetic materials will benefit from enhanced operative readiness of munitions, increasing safety and protecting people.

Santa Barbara Innovation Awards

Aimed at the company professionals, the Santa Barbara Awards seek to foster a culture of innovation at all levels of the organization.

In its 26 years of history, the Awards have been the germ of important technological advances in the company. In the last 10 years alone, the prototypes of some of EXPAL’s newest developments have participated in the awards, aimed at increasing the operational capabilities of the armed forces and the security of the troops. Such is the case of EIMOS or rocket engine regraining services.