Device-ALab, a Europe-based specialist supplier of low noise infrared cores, has released SmartIR1M0E, the smallest ever megapixel thermal camera core capable of 120 frames per second.

Featuring a power consumption close to two watts, a casing section of only 52x48x25mm³, a featherweight of 70g and a power consumption close to two watts, this remarkable DEVICE-ALAB product makes SWaP a reality for the most demanding applications.

Device-ALab CEO and co-founder Daravan LY said: “Once again, our team took the best out of the features of the ULIS detector to fit to our clients expectations, especially those designing unmanned aerial vehicles, gimbals or thermal weapon sight who labored to integrate the pretty bulky megapixel existing solutions.”

Device-ALab SmartIR1M0E also differentiates through its outstanding image quality and its embedded shutterless function. To answer to the various implementations in the market, this megapixel thermal core exists in both models: with or without mechanical shutter.

As for frame rates, the current range covers nine to 120 Hz, either on USB, YCbCr or CameraLink interface. SmartIR1M0E is definitely the ideal candidate for long distance
observation airborne or ground platforms as it enables detection and recognition in general surveillance, as well as target acquisition and tracking in the battlefield.

Many additional functions and modes are available to the system designer, enabling further customisation at equipment level, a characteristic shared across the whole SmartIR and IrLugX range.

Beyond its SWaP, versatility and image performances, this camera is made in Europe. This means simplified export procedures for all equipment makers and integrators operating in the EU and so-called friend countries.