EDGE Group (EDGE) has announced the rebranding of its entity DIGITAL14 as KATIM, a leader in the development of innovative and ultra-secure communication solutions for defence, intelligence, government and private sector clients worldwide.

To celebrate the official launch of the rebranding of DIGITAL 14 as KATIM, EDGE hosted a corporate event in Abu Dhabi to outline how the new brand aligns with the group’s overall strategy, the expansion of its capabilities within the domain of secure communications, KATIM’s mission and vision, as well as its key objectives and priorities for the remainder of 2022 and beyond. Held at Emirates Palace in Abu Dhabi, the ceremony was attended by H.E Faisal Al Bannai, Chairman of the Board of Directors, EDGE, Mr. Mansour AlMulla, CEO and Managing Director, EDGE, Mr. Waleid Al Mesmari, Senior Vice President – Electronic Warfare & Cyber Technologies at EDGE and Acting CEO of KATIM, Shaz Khan, Head of Transition & Transformation and Strategy & Operations, KATIM, as well as other key stakeholders.

Speaking at the event, H.E Faisal Al Bannai said: “The launch of KATIM, following its restructuring, rebranding, and successful integration into EDGE’s Electronic Warfare & Cyber Technologies cluster, is a major development which will strengthen our position as a global leader in the provision of advanced secure communications solutions. EDGE’s extensive product portfolio perfectly aligns with our future growth plans in the global market and KATIM will ensure we remain agile and at top of our game in this field. Our customers’ needs are constantly evolving, and we’re constantly adding new capabilities to meet their operational requirements. We look forward to continuing our great work with KATIM.”

The reimagining of the KATIM brand comes in light of major shifts in the technological field that create new challenges to effectively addressing the ever-expanding threat landscape. Strengthening its position as one of the world’s leading advanced technology groups, EDGE is committed to remaining at the forefront of rapid technological advancements, delivering end-to-end solutions for its customers with speed, and redefining cross-collaboration synergies across its entities to create optimised benefits through interoperable technology.

Waleid Al Mesmari said: “As the market for secure communication solutions accelerates, the launch of the new KATIM brand could not come at a more opportune time for EDGE. Powering some of the most important conversations in the world, KATIM’s sovereign cryptography solutions provide unmatched security to government and homeland security agencies’ day-to-day operations, and ensure a nation’s leaders can communicate without compromise. Through an innovative technology that integrates software, hardware and quantum technologies, KATIM offers highly scalable, reliable and secure solutions with cutting-edge technologies. By combining business activities, KATIM will leverage EDGE’s strong ecosystem, strategic partnerships, and market access.”

KATIM delivers trust in a world where cyber risks are a constant threat, and fulfils the increasing demand for advanced and globally competitive cyber capabilities by providing robust, secure, end-to-end solutions centered on four core business units: Networks, Ultra Secure Mobile Devices, Applications, and Satellite Communications. With a “secure-by-design” approach from concept to completion, KATIM’s cross-platform products and solutions ensure end-to-end encryption of voice, video, and data, through reliable and dedicated networks.