FNSS is exhibiting the SABER 25 Remote Controlled Turret (RCT) with its new design at IDEF 2021. FNSS designed SABER 25 in 2018 as an R&D project, with its own resources, developed without being bound by a contract, considering the current and future security environment.

SABER 25 RCT stands out as an effective system against Armoured Combat Vehicles and Armoured Personnel Carriers, together with armoured light tactical vehicles that are armed or loaded with explosives. The turret provides the effective and sensitive firepower needed by infantry and other friendly elements in the operation zone.

SABER 25 RCT is also an ideal system to complement the firepower of the old generation personnel carrier and armoured combat vehicles in life extension modernization works.

SABER 25 RCT, which is the unmanned version of FNSS Sharpshooter and SABER single-man turrets, which FNSS has delivered to the armed forces of different countries in large numbers for many years; is a single-man, medium-calibre and electrically driven turret. Equipped with 25 mm dual-feed automatic cannon, 7.62 mm machine gun providing high firepower, and strike performance, the SABER 25 RCT can be integrated into all tracked and wheeled armoured combat vehicles from 4×4 to 8×8 with its optimized size and low weight.

The turret has the electrical drive and fire control subsystems are completely designed by FNSS.

The SABER25 RCT provides the expansion of the interior volume of the armoured combat vehicle by not having an ammunition box. It incorporates the latest technologies in turret propulsion, fire control, survivability and firepower.

Key features of SABER 25 RCT are:

• Being an unmanned turret
• The volume advantage it provides in the vehicle by not having an ammunition box
• Low size and weight
• Ballistic protection level that can be increased according to customer requirements
• High localization rate
• Having an open architecture (sensor systems such as acoustic warning, laser warning can be easily integrated into the turret).