On 6 September 2017, the US Army Corps of Engineers Huntsville Center (CEHNC) awarded RELYANT Global (RELYANT) and other contractors an International Remediation Environmental Services (IRES) Multiple Award Task Order Contracts (MATOC).

Through the utilisation of this $950m total contract value, RELYANT and the other contractors will support the CEHNC provide services to: safely locate, identify, recover, evaluate, manage and make a final disposition of Munitions and Explosives of Concern, Munitions Constituents, Chemical Warfare Materiel, Biological Waste, Depleted Uranium and Biological Warfare Materiel and Hazardous, Toxic and Radiological Waste; implement and conduct Environmental Compliance measures; provide other munitions related support services; and reduce munitions stockpiles. Work will take place in foreign locations.

“We look forward to supporting the US Army Corps of Engineers – Huntsville in their outstanding work providing these quality remediation and environmental services. RELYANT will leverage our unique ability to successfully perform assigned project objectives across the most challenging and remote environments, while ensuring the highest standards are maintained,” RELYANT President and COO Don Patton said.

The remediation and environmental services provided during this base plus a four option year contract period of performance will support the CEHNC Military Munitions Response Program, Hazardous, Toxic, and Radiological Waste Program, and efforts to clean-up Formerly Used Defense Sites and Base Realignments and Closures.

Dan Smith, CEO of RELYANT shares in the eagerness to support the CEHNC in this global effort; stating: “RELYANT is pleased to aid the CEHNC in their objective to protect both human health and the environment worldwide through the provision of environmental and remediation services, work that is instrumental in the CEHNC mission to protect and support national interests.”

On 12 September 2017, the CEHNC also awarded RELYANT the first IRES task order under this MATOC, for Environmental Footprint Reduction in Afghanistan. “RELYANT is honored to play a part in this sustainability effort as it is not only creating a positive impact on the Afghan environment, but has also proven to create a positive, economic impact for the Army,” explains RELYANT President and COO Don Patton.

The total award amount is more than $65M if all options exercised. This task order will support the reduction in the environmental footprint at camps and bases throughout Afghanistan to include demilitarisation of relocateable buildings, Tension Fabric Structures, T-wall barriers, Hercules Engineering Solutions Consortium barriers, miscellaneous concrete and/or steel structures, and other regulated materials deemed critical to the programme.

Headquartered in Maryville, TN, RELYANT is a Service-Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business that specialises in remediation and environmental services, construction, and global contingency support services.

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