INTRACOM DEFENSE (IDE) extends its cooperation with US based Raytheon company in the manufacturing of Major End Items for the PATRIOT air defense system with the signature of a new contract.

The new work allocated to IDE is worth USD 10.8 million, is scheduled to be completed within 2022 and further extends the long-lasting and very successful cooperation of the two companies in the coproduction of PATRIOT systems. According to IDE’s policy, significant part of the work will be allocated to other Greek companies, thus positively contributing in the financial support of the country and in the strengthening of the defense industries of Greece.

IDE, Greece’s leading company in defense and security sectors, belongs to the group of Intracom Holdings, one of the largest multinational technology groups of Greece. IDE possesses significant know-how in design, development and manufactures products and systems that incorporate leading own-developed technologies in tactical military communications, information security, command and control systems (C³I), surveillance, reconnaissance and security systems, hybrid electric power systems, unmanned vehicles (UAVs and USVs), missile electronics, and military software applications.

IDE participates in international development and production programmes, as well as in international cooperations for the production and export of defense equipment and is a registered Nato supplier. The company’s customer and product end-user portfolio includes Cyprus, Czechia, Finland, France, Germany, Indonesia, Lithuania, Luxemburg (NATO/NSPA), Spain, Sweden, UK and the USA.