Water delivery solutions form the core of WEW’s display on booth 8017 during AUSA 2012, being held at the Walter E Washington Convention Center, Washington DC from 22 to 24 October 2012.

Two systems are on show. The first is a 2,000 US gallon (USG) "Hippo" system variant which is deployed by PLS/DROPS or fitted into any multimodal supply-chain (including air). This unit is equipped with its own reverse-osmosis system which enables water to be acquired from any source then purified before being supplied as clean drinking water.

The second is an 800 USG LVMW (Light Vehicle Module – Water) unit, a variant on the US Army "Camel" being primed in the US by Choctaw Defense and intended as the replacement for the long-established Water Buffalo. This module is suitable for 4X4/ 6X6 vehicles, small protected "Utes" such as the Thales "Hawkei" and can also be mounted on trailers such as the M-1095.

Fitted to this unit is a chiller /dispenser system which enables the user to have temperature-controlled potable water as soon as the unit is deployed. The fuel variant of this module LVMF (Light Vehicle Module – Fuel) can fitted with a variety of pumps which can deliver from 25USG/100L per minute up to 100USG/400L per minute of fuel and has a wide range of protection/environmental options.

WEW water and fuel module variants are normally equipped with their own generators and are fully autarkic. They can typically be operated either as stand-alone units or coupled to deliver a bulk storage and delivery capability.

"WEW has developed a range of water logistics solutions enabling the warfighter to have water wherever it is needed," said Jan Gerhard de-Vries, Joint Managing Director of WEW. "We continuously invest in providing the military community with fuel and water logistics solutions which are suitable for deployment in main, forward operating or patrol bases. These have been deployed in a wide variety of environments from the very hot to the very cold and have not been found wanting," he added.