Efficient movement of liquids from the "fort to the frontline" is at the core of the WEW display during the annual AUSA meeting being held at the Walter E Washington Convention Center, Washington DC from 13 to 15 October 2014.

On stand 7403, Hall E, WEW is discussing its complete solutions for moving fuel and water to wherever the warfighter needs it using both civil and military supply chains.

"Our solutions, which are built primarily around standard ISO container fittings, are designed to be moved intermodally using road, rail, sea and even air transport modes," said Jan Gerhard-de Vries, Joint Managing Director of WEW.

"We have designed our solutions to be "drop and go" which gives the warfighter or homeland security personnel fuel and water wherever they need it and so that it is available as soon as the system arrives at its destination," added Mr Gerhard-de Vries.

WEW’s integrated "Drop and Go" fuel and water systems range in size from small 850 gallon units to be carried on Light Protected Patrol Vehicles (LPPVs) through to 13,420 gallon base infrastructure tanks. The water solutions can incorporate a range of filtration, cleaning, heating and cooling units to provide potable water from any source, even CBRN polluted. The fuel units can have a variety of pumps and filters to meet the warfighter’s requirements. All WEW’s systems can include secure telematics/IOA (Interoperable Open Architecture).

The company has delivered over 2,500 military fuel and water variants, which are in service with 11 armies worldwide. Amongst these are the Hippo water system produced in partnership with MilMar Century Corp and the Camel system which is being primed by Choctaw Defense, both for the US Army.