Currently developed and produced, the second generation version of APC VEGA provides obviously higher protection and mobility.

According to constant testing and field experience, there are several improvements highlighting the improved VEGA version as an effective and applicable armoured personnel carrier.

In comparison with the previous vehicle structure, the vehicle hull has been modified to reach even higher side blast and mine protection. Technical changes in chassis structure offer even better heavy terrain mobility and vehicle adaptability.

As a result of the technical improvement, VEGA as a multi-purpose armoured vehicle can be easily reconfigured as a personnel carrier, ambulance, logistic vehicle, surveillance vehicle and support vehicle, to name a few, and is able to cover a variety of military missions.

SVOS, a producer of armoured vehicles, will introduce the latest version of VEGA during the upcoming international exhibition DSEi 2013 that takes place in London from 10-13 September. SVOS will be exhibiting at stand N2-350.