Vectronix AG, the Swiss-based global leader in portable optronics solutions, introduces its newest clip-on night sight.

The NiteSpotMR is a medium range clip-on night sight that adds night vision capability (I²) to a wide variety of rifles. NiteSpotMR easily attaches to the front of a day-sight objective and can be rapidly removed when not in use. NiteSpotMR does not affect the optical alignment of the day sight, eliminating the need for re-adjustment/boresighting when changing between daytime and nighttime operations.

NiteSpotMR can be used with any rifle (up to .50 caliber). The ruggedly designed clip-on device can withstand the hardest recoils and performs effectively even under the harshest conditions.

The optional remote control for gain and focus adjustment enables the user to remain undetected by eliminating the need to move in order to obtain a focused and clear image.

NiteSpotMR provides three optional mounting possibilities for additional attachments, providing the user with flexibility. When the NiteSpotMR is combined with the Vectronix TACS-M, thermal capability becomes an additional feature available, further enhancing situational awareness.

The brilliant optics and high resolution provide users with the reliable performance and accurate outcome they have come to expect from Vectronix’s products.