At the beginning of 2016, CMI Defence was selected by, and in cooperation with, the US Army Armament Research, Development and Engineering Center (ARDEC) for a research and development programme focused on medium-calibre armament systems.

This effort is being undertaken within the framework of a ‘Cooperative Research and Development Agreement’ (CRADA) that will be concluded at the end of 2017. It involves the common conception of a new medium calibre armament system incorporating an existing product of the CMI Defence portfolio.

At the end of 2015, CMI Defence was selected by ARDEC to be its partner within the framework of the development of an un-manned medium calibre turret. The project officially began at the beginning of 2016 with CMI Defence’s selection. Delivery of the turret to ARDEC is scheduled for mid-2017.

CMI Defence already possesses a remarkable lead in the medium calibre weapons systems domain. The new turret will integrate the 30mm XM813 gun with a linkless ammunition handling system. It is planned that it will also receive a new precision fire control system with new user interfaces, allowing for a quicker, more accurate, and effective engagements of targets by its users.

CMI Defence president Jean-Luc Maurange said: "Being selected by the American army to develop its future medium calibre system is a first rate demonstration of recognition for CMI Defence. Participating in this development is of substantial importance to us. It enables us to be ideally positioned within the framework of the future American modernisation programme for the Stryker fleet of systems."